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Every Home Buyer and Home Seller whether it be a new construction Phase inspection or and existing home buyers inspection or a pre listing pre sale inspection.

All homes have some type of hidden concerns. Hopefully your new home will have only few to none. There is no guarantee as to your home being in perfect order. Not that we can guarantee such but we can reduce the risk of your new home purchase. The home pictured may not be your new home but the savings to any new home buyer far exceeds the cost of a termite inspection. This home had very many concerns. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Your home is your most valuable investment. Don't let termites eat you out of house and home.

The Dream Of Owning a Home
Everyone wants to own a home. This may be their first home and possibly their dream home or leading to their dream home. Don't let your dream home turn into your nightmare. Your home is your most valuable investment. PROTECT IT!
A Little History
I have many 22+ years in this industry. Anything to do with Inspections or treatments. I have taken countless classes in both primary and continuing education in all subject matters, ranging from pest control, termite control, WDI inspections, lawn care, turf, ornamentals, aquatics, right a ways, vegetation managment, mosquito abatement, and so much more. 
I have been performing inspections for over 22 years. Without the proper inspection and control methods, your home could become breakfast, lunch, and dinner to termites and other wood destroying insects and organisms. We are also looking for conducive conditions. Things that make your home favorable to infestations. 

Trust your transaction to someone with a proven record of knowledge and experience. Termite Inspections and treatments are my forte and my passion. Partner with me to enjoy a Professional and enjoyable home buying or selling experience. I work for your benefit alone, not any referring party. My loyalty in the inspection process is solely for my client, you.

The fear of the unknown and the cost associated with the same are the future home owners' greatest concern. That is why our ultimate goal for our clients is to uncover the unknown, remove the fear of the associated costs and make the purchase of your new home a relaxing, satisfying and rewarding experience. Not sell you on everything else to get the Home Inspection.

I inspect homes from under 1,000 square feet to well over 20,000 square feet and inspecting everyone of them as if I were buying it myself.

Home Inspectors Performing Home Inspections, Termite Inspections and Pest Control from Fort Worth to Grand Prairie, Southlake to Mansfield, Frisco to Keller, Plano to Saginaw and Denton to Burleson and every city in the Dallas/Fort Worth Arlington Metroplex.

Everyone's idea of a castle as their home is of course the American dream. Don't let your dream turn into a nightmare. All homes need a qualified  Inspector to find the concerns and to reduce your risk in the home buying process. We cannot completely reduce your risk but can give you a serious idea of what the concerns may be in the home you are about to purchase.
If you want a termite inspection on a property you are considering buying by a certified inspector that has been at this business for over 20 years then call me and we will perform it for you. We are a full service termite and pest control company. Visit our sister site at Offering you termite inspections and termite treatments backed by 10 year warranty. TPCL 11590 TDA 0570574
We are referred by many but you the client are the only concern of ours while performing this inspection. What we see is what we write in the report. No one has influence over that. Again we work for you the client and are looking out for your best interest.
 A very substantial portion of our Home Inspections are in Keller and surrounding cities. We can get to most inspections by the next day and being local have no problems with accommodating clients in our area.

Protection and Convenience
It is required that PCO's and inspectors in Texas have to carry Insurance. I carry both E&O as well as general liability and. We also have a SUPRA Key through the local Real Estate Association. This allows me to gain entry to the inspection property and adds to the ease of scheduling. We are a member of GFWAR. This also keeps us in tune to the market trends.
When you call us, we just take some basic information and do all the scheduling of your inspection. When we're finished,you get your inspection report on site. There's no waiting. We discuss our findings with you at the time of the time of the inspection and can also discuss treatment options with you if necessary. We offer spot treatments, partial treatments, full treatments and all backed by a 10 year warranty. We also offer general pest control treatments for roaches, spiders, ants, etc. 
Experience and Education
As stated above I have 22 years treating and inspecting. Thousands of jobs later is something in itself that cannot be replaced by simple classroom hours.
Over those 22 years of inspecting I have been educated by Purdue University as well as Texas A&M.
As previously stated, other services we offer include Termite Control, Pest control, Animal Relocation, Rat Eradication, Mosquito Abatement. Please check out our sister website at

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Give us a call for all your Home Inspection, Termite & Pest Control Needs
 We are situated on the Keller/Fort Worth border. A large portion of our Inspections are in and around Keller.
For your convenience we are more available to perform inspections daily in Keller.
Our years of experience and schooling and continuing education and the multiple thousands of Inspections performed in this area benefit you greatly. That is where your peace of mind comes in.
Keller what rated and still is as a boomburb. Money magazine rated Keller number 7 out of 10 best places to live. Median Family income is in the $120,000.00 range. Keller's 56 square miles leaves plenty of room for future growth.
Just going to the cities website  will lead you to a plethora of information about the city.
Parks, a water park, city municipal building, fire and police department all updated and mostly new as the city has been growing. Shopping, restaurants? There is more than one could need. The major cities surrounding Keller such as Fort Worth and Dallas and neighbors such as Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville will leave you wanting for nothing. Lakes? I think there are a hundred or more in the Metroplex. Zoos, city parks, Arboretums are all right next door.
I am here at you convenience. If you are from out of town or out of state rest at ease. I have lived in three states and several cities in each state. I know what it is like to move to a new area and trying to settle in. 
Put your trust in a Keller Home Inspector performing you Inspection that has a proven record of knowledge and experience. Inspecting is my passion in life. Partner with me for a professional and enjoyable Inspection experience.